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Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Kids

Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Kids

Ideas for kids’ bathroom decorating, that is just one of best ideas for decorating a child’s bathroom with pictures. These kid bathroom decorating tips should spark your creativity and get you started thinking up some of your own ideas.

Do you have a separate bathroom for the kids, or are you still sharing? The answer to that question will make a big difference in your decorating decisions.

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You Share Your Bathroom with the Kids . . . .

This more than likely means that you have one bathroom, period. Which means it’s yours, theirs AND the guest’s. It’s going to be a busy room.

You can use most any theme that would be suitable for your home, because you want it to look nice for your guests. But it will need to be sturdy and not too busy because there will be a lot of activity in there.

Make it easy to clean. . . . .

Use something scrubbable on the walls like a vinyl wallpaper or semi-gloss paint; lid covers and rugs that are easily cleaned, and a decorative shower curtain that you can pull across the tub to hide all the paraphernalia.

You might even keep a spare lid cover and rug, so you can change it in an instant if need be (like when company stops by). If you want to use a wallpaper border, put it up high where it won’t get all the wear and tear, this is a family bathroom after all.

If you have tub toys, try one of those net toy holders that you hang from suction cup hooks at the end of the shower/tub, and get a dispenser that sticks on the shower wall to hold your shampoo and liquid soap. These two things will eliminate several loose items that would need a shelf to sit on in the combination adult and kid bathroom.

You’ll probably only have room to store extra paper and general bathroom items, and may want to put a storage tower over your toilet if you need extra room. . . . .

And the ideas that follow for color coding everybody’s stuff and putting it in bins, to take back to your own bedrooms will help cut down on the clutter.

Of course that is on an ideal day. The chance that everyone will do this on a daily basis is probably pretty slim. But if company shows up, it’s much quicker to grab it all up in bins and haul it off to the bedrooms.

If you have plenty of storage space. . . . .

  • Give everyone their own designated space in this adult and kid bathroom to put their personal items. Hooks on the wall at different heights work great for towels and a couple hooks on the bathroom door for temporary robe hanging. (Nobody’s allowed to leave their robe in the bathroom when they are finished.
  • If you have a small fry, provide a step stool so he may reach the sink. This step stool might be able to do double duty as a seat for the older children, or for the ladies to use for personal grooming.
  • Color code everything possible; towels, washcloths, toothbrush, storage basket, brush and comb . . . You get the idea. And make everyone responsible for their own items. When someone gets busted with the wrong color towel in their hand, there will be some explaining to do!
  • For those children old enough to help out, they can have cleaning duties in the bathroom. Even the young ones can take out the waste basket and put the dirty towels in the laundry.

If you don’t have plenty of space. . . . .

  • This means you’ll only be able to store the basics in there. Maybe toothbrushes and toothpaste and other general items.
  • Everyone can have a basket or bin (all color coded like before ) to take back to their rooms with their personal items in it. When it’s shower or bath time or time to get ready for bed, each child gets his or her turn and brings in their basket.
  • Towelstowels and washcloths take up a lot of room so they may need to be stored in the bedroom closets as well, or in a hall linen closet, which is also color coded. Another option for an adult and kid bathroom would be to roll them up and put them up on a shelf that extends the length of one wall about a foot down from the ceiling in the kid bathroom. This is a decorative touch as well, however the little ones will need help retrieving theirs.

The décor for kids’ bathroom should be creative and soothing. Check out design and color ideas for decorating bathroom for children. If you have any good ideas, welcome to leave your comments!

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