Easy, Fast and Cheap Bathroom Decorating Ideas

How to save cost to make the best bathroom decoration, that is a dream for everyone. Easy, Fast and Cheap Bathroom Decorating Ideas are just right for you before your bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling is second only to kitchen remodeling in terms of pain, misery, dust, cost, and unmet-timetables. So, it pays off to think outside the box a little: to find ways to ease the misery. And remember the guiding idea of the surface-level renovator is “cover rather than replace.”

  1. Ease back on the custom-designed tiled shower idea…and consider pre-fabricated shower units instead.
  2. If you absolutely must have that tiled shower, fusing a poly shower pan with the tile saves some hassle and a little bit of cost.
  3. Bathtub and shower liners – a staple of infomercials and the hidden secret of many nice-looking bathrooms. Never a permanent fix, but they will carry you through a few years. For discoloration and general ugliness, you can always try bathtub refinishing.
  4. Scraping the bottom end of the scale: if the problem is just a few cracks and nicks, you can repair your shower or bathtub.
  5. You think you want that radiant-heat granite floor but you really don’t. It’s only 35 square feet we’re dealing with here – sheet or square vinyl will do just fine. And you’ll never look back. Trust me.
  6. Don’t call in the plumber to switch out the old toilet with the new. Install your toilet yourself. It’s much easier than you can imagine.
  7. Don’t use a painter. Generally, for whole-house painting, I would recommend that you consider using a painter (in fact, we have one working on your house right now as I write this). But think of it: bathroom walls are taken up with mirrors, showers, tile, bathtubs. You’re only dealing with a few square feet. You can paint the bathroom yourself in two days.
  8. Since “cover, not replace” is the mantra of every good surface-level renovator, there is no better way to cover up walls than with easy-to-install wainscotting.
  9. Don’t move plumbing. Moving any water-based fixture will cost time and money.

To pre-empt inevitable comments like “there is no such thing as an easy and cheap bathroom remodel,” I add that when we use words like “easy and cheap” it is relative to the entire bathroom remodeling process. Of course, it’s never fast and inexpensive when you’re dealing with plumbing, electrical, flooring, and more – in a confined space that is so crucial to our lives. On the other hand, the smash-and-grab bathroom remodel is a dark secret for many people. When we did the surface-level bathroom renovation, we never mentioned to anyone. It was not a feature of cocktail party converstaion, put it that way. But I’ll tell you – it was sure nice having a clean, bright, and functional bathroom.

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