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How to Choose a Corner Shower Caddy Shelf

How to Choose a Corner Shower Caddy Shelf

Shower Caddy can Help your to Organize Your Bathroom well. But How to Choose a Corner Shower Caddy Shelf? Here are some useful tips and buying guide to choose a corner basket shower caddy shelf that fits within your bathroom décor. Most basic shower caddy models are white, but it is also possible to find a shower caddy in a different color. You may find, however, that you have to pay a bit more for a shower caddy in an alternate color.

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Corner Basket Shower Caddy Shelf Buying Guide

The material used to make the shower caddy is another consideration. Most shower caddy models are available in either plastic or metal. In either case, the shower caddy can be of very high or very low quality, depending on the craftsmanship.

If you choose a metal corner shower caddy shelf, be sure it is either made of a type of metal that does not rust or provided with a protective coating to prevent rusting. Since the shower caddy is placed directly in the shower, it will rust quickly if precautions are not taken. Not only will this result in an unattractive shower caddy, but it may also leave rust stains on your showerhead or on the walls of your shower.

Are you finding that all your shower necessities are lying on the floor? You need a shower caddy shelf! Here are some of the basic checks you should go through before purchasing a corner shower shelf!

1. How is it installed? Make sure you are sure you can install the shelf before you buy it. Take into consideration a few things. Are you allowed to permanently install a fixture in the shower or do you need shelf with easy removal? Does it require glue or will it come with suction caps? Make sure you do the research before you buy otherwise you may end up with a problem on your hands!

2. How much space do you currently have in the shower? You will need to ask yourself this question as shower shelves come in many shapes and sizes. If your shower is small you may need a single shelf small enough just for your more precious shower necessities.

3. How many people do you live with? If there are 2 or more people in your household sharing the shower you may need extra space, you may need a multi-tiered shower shelf or another idea which some may find more advantageous would be to install multiple single shelves in the shower (providing you have the space). This way you can allocate the amount of room between each shelf for the height of your bathroom items such as shampoo or conditioner which often stand tall.

It’s easy to come to this conclusion, but a little more difficult to make a final decision on the type of corner shower caddy shelf you want in your shower. That said, lets take a look at some the different styles and designs that are out there so you can start to get a better idea of what you want in your own shower.

Suction Shower Caddies- The brushed nickel suction caddy is very common and one of the more traditional ones that people usually think of at first. There’s two main styles for these, but the principal is the same for both. The first one is a caddy that hangs from your brushed nickel shower arm and uses that as it’s primary support, then there would be a single suction cup near the bottom that simply presses up against the wall of your shower to secure the caddy into place so it doesn’t wiggle around or fall from the shower head. The second type of suction caddy is a little more sturdy and durable; this is the power lock caddy. The power lock model has four or more suction cups which allow it to be securely bonded to any wall in your shower as long as the walls are relatively smooth. These brushed nickel units usually cost a few bucks more than the aforementioned, but they’re worth it in my opinion.

Tension Pole Shower Caddy- Brushed nickel tension pole caddies are becoming more popular these days. This one is preferred by people with newly renovated showers because of their fancy look. The idea behind these is simple, yet intuitive. Essentially, the caddy is a standard length pole with multiple baskets attached to it; you place the pole in the corner of your shower and use the ratcheting mechanism tighten the pole into place, so both ends are lodged between your ceiling and floor, hence the name “tension pole”.

Similar to the brushed nickel shower basket, you can also get shower caddies that simply rest on the floor of your shower without any sort of wall attachment form. These are less common because they’re usually a little more bulky and take up more space than the average person’s shower can afford to lose.

Regardless of the style shower caddy you choose, you can always find the finish you want whether it’s chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or just plain old plastic. My only word of advice would be to take a look around the internet before buying in the stores because you can often find much better deals online than you can in the stores.

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