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Why Install Basket Shower Caddy for Small Bathrooms

Why Install Basket Shower Caddy for Small Bathrooms

A stylish basket shower caddy can keep all of your shower products to maximize the space in your small bathroom and never feel cramped again. A wire basket shower caddy is a bath accessory designed to hold things you might need while taking a shower or a bath, such as soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. The most popular shower caddy materials are plastic and steel. The installation method depends on the design. Some shower caddies require suction cups, some use tension rods and others are free-standing.

Why Install Basket Shower Caddy for Small Bathrooms

Remodel a small bathroom is a challenge for everyone. Installing bathroom space saving corner shower caddies can enlarge your small bathroom wisely. Without a shower caddy people living in smaller houses or in apartments often face the problem of not having enough space to place the things they need and use. Making the most of that little available space they have, becomes their highest priority when planning what they can buy for their houses. At the beginning this may not be an issue, but as the years go these things start to accumulate and they often cannot find a place for them. Resulting from this you will see mountains of clothes piled in the closet, kitchen appliances scattered through the cabinets, or full bathroom with different shampoos, conditioners, razors, toothpastes, body wash bottles, and much more cluttered absolutely everywhere. This is just one of the situations when the need for an accessory that can help you organize these things better, such as the shower caddy for the shower staff, is further increased.

With so many choices available how do you go about choosing the right one for you and your needs? Shower caddies of all varieties can be purchased at home specialty stores, drug stores and home improvement stores. Shower caddies come in all shapes and sizes and are produced from various materials, but they all have the same thing in common: keeping you organized.

Your Needs

Caddies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes ranging from those that fit right into the corner of the shower to those that sit on the shower floor like a basket or caddy. Before choosing, decide what you want to place in your caddy and how much space you will need. Do you have a lot of tall bottles? Need a hook for razors, pedicure utensils? Need more than one shelf?

Basket Shower Caddy Materials

Most caddies are made from plastic, but there are others that are made from wood. Plastic is light weight and often inexpensive and can be less abrasive on a fiberglass shower if it falls. Wood caddies, on the other hand, don’t last as long, and may warp or rot over time. There are also stainless steel models that last a long time, look stylish and can be quickly wiped down after they are wet to look new again. Sanliv wire Basket Shower Caddy is made by brass in polished chrome, which ensue heavy duty and long lifetime using.

Extra Options

There are shower caddies that have one, two and three or more tiers. These are shelves that hold the bigger and taller beauty products like shampoos and body wash, as well as hold the smaller items like razors. Some caddies have hooks on them that can be convenient for holding soap-on-a-rope, washcloths, loofahs, and more.

Removable Caddies

If you do not want to have a permanent caddy in the shower, there are more choices. For instance, there are shower caddies that can be hooked on over the shower head and removed once you are through with your shower. Store them away easily under a cupboard or under a cabinet, or hang them in a closet so they are out of sight. Plastic baskets are also a convenient choice to carry right into the shower, but lifted and removed after you are done.

Basket Shower Caddy Cleaning

All caddies, regardless of the materials used are water resistant and can easily be cleaned and maintained. For example, caddies that sit on the floor of the shower may have to be drained every once in a while of extra water that gathers in the bottom. On occasion, stainless steel, plastic and the like need to be wiped down of soap scum with a damp cloth. A shower caddy can be a wonderful item that can keep your life organized and your shower clean.