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Shower Organization and Shower Caddy Benefits

Shower Organization and Shower Caddy Benefits

A bathroom shower organizer is also called a shower caddy because it keeps everything you need right at your finger tips in the shower. Some models include a shower basket shelf and a shower soap dispenser. When assembling items for your shower caddy or bathside shelf, be sure to include those that will provide useful hygiene and beauty services. Shower Caddies can be found in many different kinds of materials, such as solid plastic, wire brass and stainless steel. Choose a caddy with at least two shelves for your shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles. Some caddies have a small shelf at the bottom for a bar of soap, and hooks on the sides to hang soap-on-a-rope, net poofs and shower gel. More expensive caddies can have built-in tanks with spigots at the bottom for shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. Some even have radios and mirrors included. Shop around to find the caddy that works best for your bath.

Shower Organization and Shower Caddy Benefits picture

Shower Organization and Shower Caddy Benefits

When you turn on the hot water and step under the soothing spray of a long-awaited shower, the last thing you want to do is remember that you left the shampoo on the counter and must now step out of the shower to get it. When you think about it, there may be times when you could use half a dozen objects or more while in the shower. Yet many if not most shower stalls do not have shelves or storage areas for these necessities, so we have to set them nearby and hope we can reach them when needed without slipping.

One easy solution to this problem is the addition of a shower caddy. Attached to the shower nozzle or the door, a caddy, looking like a miniature closet shelf or shoe rack, holds several large and small items that can be used before, during, or after your shower. Caddies come in various materials, from plastic to vinyl or aluminum. They may be white or colored, and are available in a couple different sizes to suit individual or family needs. You can find them at most discount department stores as well as home supply or home-decorating retailers. Shop to find one that matches your bathroom décor or decorating theme.

No matter what substance they’re made from, shower caddies can decompose after prolonged exposure to moisture and heat in the bathroom. Over time you may notice the aluminum model getting rusty or the vinyl design starting to wear at the edges. Hard well water can stain some types of caddies, so you may have to replace it after a while. Fortunately, they are not terribly expensive.

Depending on the style or size of caddy you buy, it may hold several types of items. Typically, there is a horizontal barred shelf that can hold three or four average size shampoo or conditioner containers. You may want to add shaving cream, liquid soap, or after-shower moisturizer in place of several shampoos. A second, smaller shelf above or below the first can accommodate bar soap, razors, and other flat objects that might fit in the palm of your hand.

Be careful not to create an imbalance when removing an object from the caddy. You may need to quickly push the remaining objects toward the vacant spot to restore balance and prevent the caddy from tipping or spilling its contents. If a product should drip or spill, however, a quick jet of shower spray aimed at the mess should take care of the problem and prevent lengthy clean-up. For a more detailed cleaning, you can spray it with disinfectant or use mild soap and water to clean the caddy when you tidy the bathroom.

If you don’t already have a shower caddy, consider purchasing one in the near future for your convenience. Or you might wish to make a housewarming gift of a shower caddy for those who are still decorating their bathrooms. Either way, someone will appreciate it and enjoy that long, relaxing shower without interruption.

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