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Stylish Shower Caddies Types and Installation Tips

Stylish Shower Caddies Types and Installation Tips

A shower caddy shelf is something everyone should have for their shower accessories. Depending on the type of bathroom layout you have and your preference on how you use these things, a shower caddy can help you make your bathroom more user-friendly and organized.

Stylish Shower Caddies Types and Installation Tips phopto

Stylish Shower Caddies Types and Installation Tips

When you shop for an shower caddy shelf you will find there are a variety of options, but your first decision should be which type of caddy will meet your needs as far as installation complexity and capacity. Ease of installation and the ability to relocate your shower caddy when needed is often of paramount concern. If you live by yourself, the capacity you need won’t be nearly as great as it is for someone who shares a bath with multiple people.

The most popular type of shower caddy is the hanging shower caddy. Most of these will hang over the shower head although some will hang over the shower rod. These caddies can offer a rather large capacity in some instances. They keep the products you use with in reach at all times. A good one will be water resistant and be constructed of materials that won’t rust and offer a coating that protects the finish of your shower head. Ideally they will also offer suction cups or something similar to keep them from sliding across the shower wall. In any case however, they should be capable of being relocated without leaving marks or holes and can install within seconds and without tools.

Another popular option is a corner shower caddy which mounts on a tension rod. These are just a bit trickier to install. Some will fit from the top edge of the bathtub up to the ceiling, while some are tall enough to reach from the floor of a shower to the ceiling. However, they can usually be relocated without leaving marks or holes anywhere. These corner shower caddies often offer the largest capacity and are great for a bath with multiple users.

The final option is a wall mounted shower caddy. Although you can find some with a more permanent mount, the more popular item is smaller and uses an adhesive mount. They take seconds to install, but may require some adhesive remover and a bit of scrubbing to clean up afterwards. These are generally more appropriate for couples or singles who live alone as the capacity won’t accommodate the average family. In addition, these are also the most affordable shower caddies you can find.

While your budget may not allow you the luxury of installing a new shower with built in shelves, you can get organized with an add on shower caddy. Any of the above models can be a good choice as long as they meet your needs as far as capacity.

A shower caddy is a bath accessory designed to hold things you might need while taking a shower or a bath, such as soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. The most popular shower caddy materials are brass, plastic and steel. The installation method depends on the design. Some shower caddies require suction cups, some use tension rods and others are free-standing. Below you’ll find some tips on how to install a shower caddy.

How to Install a Shower Caddy:

  1. Over the shower head: Hang the shower caddy over the shower head. Some caddies are wide enough to slide over the shower head easily. If your shower caddy has a narrow opening, unscrew the shower head, slide on the shower caddy and then replace the shower head.
  2. Over the shower door: Hang the caddy over the shower door or track. Such caddies may have suction cups for stability. Bend the tabs over the curtain rod or shower door for a snug fit.
  3. Use suction cups: Use suction cups to hold the caddy securely to the wall. Dip a cloth in a small amount of alcohol and wipe the wall. Wipe the area with a dry cloth. Press the cups onto the wall. Some suction cups have a locking mechanism for a more secure hold.
  4. Adjust the tension rod: Some caddies built to fit in a corner have tension rods that keep them in place. Assemble the rod and attach the shelves. Place the shower caddy in the corner and extend the rod to the ceiling. Twist the rod until there is enough tension to hold the caddy secure.
  5. Think about a free-standing caddy: Place a free-standing caddy in the corner of the shower area. This type of shower caddy has feet that will keep it balanced at the corner of the tub. These bath accessories don’t need additional support to remain in place.
  6. Install a bath rack: Bath racks are wide enough to fit across a bathtub, with the ends resting over the sides of the tub.

Removable Shower Caddies

If you do not want to have a permanent caddy in the shower, there are more choices. For instance, there are shower caddies that can be hooked on over the shower head and removed once you are through with your shower. Store them away easily under a cupboard or under a cabinet, or hang them in a closet so they are out of sight. Plastic baskets are also a convenient choice to carry right into the shower, but lifted and removed after you are done.

Cleaning Your Shower Caddies

All caddies, regardless of the materials used are water resistant and can easily be cleaned and maintained. For example, caddies that sit on the floor of the shower may have to be drained every once in a while of extra water that gathers in the bottom. On occasion, stainless steel, plastic and the like need to be wiped down of soap scum with a damp cloth.

A shower caddy can be a wonderful item that can keep your life organized and your shower clean.

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