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How to Choose The Best Type of Shower Caddy

How to Choose The Best Type of Shower Caddy

The corner shower caddy is the best

What type of Shower Caddy is the Best for my bathroom accessories? The corner shower caddy is the best. Do you know why? Interior designers teach the corner trick for people who live in small homes or apartments. If you have lived in such a space, you may have figured it out on your own. Use furniture that fits well in the corners of your room. Some furniture is designed for corners, like a two piece sectional couch and coffee table. It not only gives a larger look to the room, but it is an effective use of space.

Bathrooms are traditionally small. Even some of the more spacious older homes can have tiny bathrooms, which, of course, means space is limited in the tub and shower areas. Shower caddies, which used to primarily be hung from the shower pipe, and then would be secured to the wall at the bottom with a suction cup, are increasingly being transformed into corner furniture for your personal shower space.

With the advent of the corner shower caddy, instead of doing a balancing act on 1 or 2 tiny trays hanging from the pipe, there are now several larger shelves, on which to place the personal care items you need. Statistics tell us that the room in our homes that has the most danger, is the bathroom. Floors that get wet and hard fixtures made of porcelain have proven to be a deadly mix.

It happens way too many times: You are in the shower when you realize that you do not have everything you need and you have to get out and go get it. Yes, it is quite the major annoyance, but it is a lot more than that. It is a statistically risky action you are undertaking. This is especially true if it is a tub you are showering in, because of the huge step over it, you have to take in both directions.

One of the best things about corner shower caddies is how inexpensive they are, and they come almost assembled. You will not need to hire somebody who is handy to come over and install this for you. You won’t be staring at a diagram, scratching your head trying to figure it all out.

You just take the tension pole and place it in the corner. For showers it will go from floor to ceiling. For bathtubs it will sit on the top corner of the tub. You secure it tightly by twisting the pole using the ratcheting mechanism that is built in. Then you will secure the shelves and place your items on your shower caddy.

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