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Hold Various Shower Accessories by Shower Caddy Shelf

Hold Various Shower Accessories by Shower Caddy Shelf

Need more storage space in your shower? A corner shower caddy shelf is a small unit that is used to hold your entire shower accessories which you use on a daily basis like the shampoo and conditioner, lotions, face wash, razors, etc. Since the shower caddy unit stores all your bath supplies in one single place, it becomes very easy to access it while bathing and keeping it back in its place thereby avoiding scattering or cluttering of things in your bathroom. This in turn leads to a very organized and neat look of your bathroom completing your home decor along with the convenience. Probably, the only way to decorate a bathroom without taking away much space is by using a shower caddy.

Wall-Mount Brass Corner Shower Caddy Shelf photo

Wall-Mount Brass Shower and Tub Caddy Shelf in Chrome

Of late, some of the models of the caddies also offer magazine racks and glass holders to hold a glass of wine to enjoy during your bath.

The shower caddies are offered in an assortment of models, makes, and sizes. You can just hang a caddy in your shower-head; you may choose to hang them on the wall with the support of two or more suction cups; you can fix them to the corner of the wall by drilling holes; you can just place a caddy in the corner with a tension pole support, or you may opt to have an over the door shower caddy that hangs from your shower door. Each of these has its unique features and it is left to you to decide which model suits your preference.

Shower Shelf Caddy can be made of diverse materials. It can be of plastic, brass, bronze, bamboo, teak, chrome, ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. Every color you think of can be acquired in these caddies. The choices of sizes are also unbelievable. The smallest caddy is just like a pouch that is portable and the largest of the caddy has 4 humongous baskets that are fit in a tension pole. Irrespective of the decor of your bathroom; from a very traditional set up to a very contemporary color scheme, you can find a suitable caddy for it.

Spending on a caddy is worth the investment as it serves its purpose along with its appealing looks. The cheapest of the caddy could be the portable caddy that is just $2.00 to the costliest luxurious caddy is the single rack caddy with chrome and gold finish that is extendable and would cost you $500.00. The price is entirely dependent on the make and size of the caddy. The plastic ones are very affordable and the tension pole corner caddies are slightly costlier and so are the chrome caddies.

However, you would get a fair idea if you browse through the Internet to get an idea about the rates and offers in your locality. You may also choose to buy online buy paying the necessary shipping charges.

China Sanliv is professional manufacturer and supplier of 3 Tier Shower Caddy shelves, double shower caddies, corner shower baskets. The large capacity Shower Caddy holds many shampoos, conditioners, soap bars, razors and more on 3 tiers of trays. Store various sizes and styles of razors and toothbrushes in our unique flexible silicone holder, and hang washcloths on convenient hooks. The Shower Caddy stays put with our Hold Tight Hook that is non-slip and holds the Caddy securely in place on most pipes.

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