Must-buy Bathroom Accessory Supplies for home decor

Must-buy Bathroom Accessory Supplies probably sounds like I am talking about toilet paper, toilet brushes and cleaning supplies. In this case bathroom supplies actually refer to things like towel bars, soap dishes, and robe hooks. These are the little details that make your bathroom special. Changing these small details can provide an instant update to an old tired bathroom.

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Designers constantly talk about changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets to freshen the look. This works equally well in the bathroom. New cabinet hardware can change the look and style of your old cabinets. You can easily find coordinating towel bars, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, waste baskets, mirrors and shelves. For example, a fogless shaving mirror installed in the shower is convenient for the man of the house. Robe hooks and towel bars that are handy may actually encourage your family to put things away instead of dropping them on the floor or draping them over the hamper.

Towel bars and rings come in lots of finishes. You can choose brass, chrome, brushed nickel, enamel or even gold and silver plated accessories. There are usually toilet paper holders to match. It’s easy to coordinate these items with the finish on your faucets and other plumbing. I did not know they made heated towel bars. I live in a cold climate and I think that would be heaven. I have been known to heat my bath towel in the microwave from time to time. It would save me a step.

If you have a whirlpool tub, you might also want a tub pillow to rest your weary head or a footstep. A nice glass shelf will also keep your bath supplies handy and you’ll have room for a nice scented candle. If you like to read in the bath, a magazine rack would be a nice addition. A magazine rack is always nice. Admit it; sometimes the most reading people do is in the bathroom. My husband reads and does crossword puzzles and I have a little stand with his magazines, newspapers, reading glasses and a pen right next to the toilet.

Shelving or hooks for storage inside the shower are nice. It keeps things off the bottom of the tub or along the sides. Your shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and shower sponge will be right where you need them. Before I invested in a shelf, I was constantly knocking bottles of shampoo onto the floor. Naturally they rolled to the other side of the bathroom so I had to get out of the shower to retrieve them. Keep all these things in mind and invest in few bathroom supplies to keep this important room neat and organized.

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