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Best Hotel Style Retractable Indoor Clothesline

Best Hotel Style Retractable Indoor Clothesline

Heavy Duty Hotel Style Retractable Clothes Line with the top manufacturing craftsmanship. Adding a convenient clothesline to any tight space with the Indoor/Outdoor Eight Foot Retractable Clothesline. Ideal for the laundry room, bathroom, deck, the RV, even a photographer’s darkroom, the laundry clothesline provides hanging storage for damp clothing without the bulky mess of traditional lines. Maximum overall weight capacity of 12 pounds.

Heavy duty hotel indoor Retractable Clothesline picture

Hotel Style Retractable Clothesline Features:

Durable, high impact plastic construction with a chrome plated finish.
Housing mounts easily to wall or woodwork (mounting hardware is included).
Sturdy eight foot polyester clothes drying line.
Mount knob retainer on a wall less than eight feet away, and the clothesline extends from one to the other.
Retractable mechanism within the casing helps keep the line taut.
Retractable design keeps the clothesline clean and tangle free.
When not in use, simply remove the end knob of the clothesline from the retainer and the line automatically retracts into housing.
Perfect for tight spaces such as apartment bathrooms, laundry rooms, porches or the RV.

A durable and versatile drying line, the Eight Foot Hotel Style Retractable Clothesline is great for hanging clean clothing and linens to dry in small spaces both indoors and out, and all but vanishes when not in use.

Sanliv Hotel Style Retractable Clothes line, A discreet washing line at home anywhere in the house, Ideal for those rainy days when you have nowhere to hang those wet clothes.

This heavy duty retractable indoor clothesline is the same style and quality as those found in fine hotels. Install in your shower and use for drying swimsuits, hosiery, lingerie and other washables. Also great for campers, RV’s, boats, and travel trailers. PlumbingSupply.com is your source for “everything” plumbing and plumbing-related.

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