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Best Indoor Retractable Clothes Drying Line for Hotel Bathrooms

Best Indoor Retractable Clothes Drying Line for Hotel Bathrooms

Indoor retractable clothesline is the best solution to organized Hotel Bathrooms. It retracts out of sight when not in use in seconds. Perfect for condos, patios garages and basements. Idea system for small spaces. The retractable clothesline has a 10 ft. nylon cord and is strong and durable.

Retractable Single Line Indoor Clothesline Hotel style clothes drying line

Clotheslines provide space for laundered clothes to air dry as opposed to their being run though a clothes dryer, and a retractable clothesline is sometimes a good option, especialy for hotel bathrooms.

Advantages of a Retractable Indoor Clothesline Hotel style clothes drying line.
The first advantage of using a retractable clothesline is that you can air dry your clothes for free. This amounts to a savings of between 25 cents and $1 per load if you do your laundry at home and over $2 per load if you take your clothes to the laundromat. As energy costs increase so will your energy savings.

Easy Setup and Storage.
In addition to saving money on your energy bill, retractable clotheslines are also easy to set up and store. To set up a retractable clothesline, just grab the stretcher bar and pull on it to extend the clothesline, and then hook the bar on the catch hooks. To retract the clothesline, unhook the stretch bar from the catch hooks and give the line a short tug. This will activate the retraction action and your clothesline will be rolled up and stored for you. If you don’t want to manually activate the retraction mechanism, you can opt to buy a motorized retractable clothesline. In this case the motorized retractor is activated by pressing a button.

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