Sanliv Heavy Duty Indoor Retractable Clothesline

Frequently, we get inquiry about heavy duty indoor retractable clotheslines for hotels and residential bathrooms. Sanliv Heavy Duty Retractable Clothesline in Polished Stainless Steel, PVD gold and more. The product combines quality, style, and value.

Everyone has that one corner in their house that is useless when it comes to decorating and storage or the one corner of the yard that stands empty for months because nothing fits the way that it should. Others have very limited space inside their home or yard so the little that they do have has to be utilized as best as it can be. More and more modern houses are becoming smaller and a lot of small spaces must be shared among uses as often as possible. Some small houses do not even have room for dryers or other extras because the space is better served being used for more important things. Motor homes also have very little room to offer in respect to drying clothes. A retractable clothesline can be the answer to most of these dilemmas, as well as improve the general outward appearance of your house and yard to visitors and neighbors. They can save space, be moved easily when they need to be and they are cheaper than the laundry mat to dry your clothes on a regular basis.

A great way to prevent unsightly views for your neighbors and inconvenient obstacles or unsightly corners of the house for your guests, while still allowing yourself the convenience of drying clothes at home and saving money, while even going a little green, one might consider a retractable clothesline. A retractable clothesline can be pulled out when you need it and then put away when you are expecting company, or just when you’re finished using it so that that space can be used for something else. An inexpensive addition for any household, they can be purchased at almost any bed and bath outlet or hardware store at very reasonable prices. The setup and maintenance are simple and the clothesline set usually comes with all of the installation hardware necessary to make hiding your unsightly messes even easier to hide and maintain. Most of these clotheslines can be stretched up to forty feet (some offer smaller distances) and can hold up to 375 pounds of soaking wet clothes. So whether you have 30 feet of space in your yard or only ten feet in the bathroom, this type of clothesline is very versatile.

Installation of a retractable clothesline is a very basic and simple process, and once put in place, it is hardly noticeable to visitors to your home or constantly visible to yours neighbors, and yet very useful every time you need it. To begin installation, find a spot inside or outside your home with a brace at either end for the retractable clothesline to be attached to. One end should be attached to a wall for added stability (typically the end that the rope is retracted into since this end will always be supporting some kind of weight) and the other is attached to the opposite wall or a tree, if using outdoors, within range (for the number of feet of rope your model has) for the clothesline to be hooked to when it is in use. This end of the clothesline can be either an attachment that is purchased with the clothesline, or a sturdy open hook bought at any hardware store for the retractable end of the clothesline to hook onto. When not in use, the clothesline rope is conveniently retracted into a holding unit and the round holding unit can then be folded so that it lays flat against the wall and remains out of sight. It will always be ready for drying clothes and never be an unsightly view when the laundry is finished.

So no matter where you live or how much or how little room you have, a retractable clothesline could mean a wonderful space saving and money-saving investment. It can improve the look of your house and yard and make room for guests or even a new grill. The possibilities are endless when you have the option of getting rid of your clothesline without actually getting rid of it. When looking to find an addition to your home that attractively saves space and money, look no further than a retractable clothesline. It offers modest money saving abilities, an attractive laundry drying, “green” alternative so there are no messy ropes hanging around or extra electric being used, and a space-saving option to make life a little easier. With all of these benefits, the retractable clothesline is the perfect addition to any small or large household.

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