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The best magnifying makeup mirrors help us to cover up those little flaws in facial skin that we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. When it comes to choosing the best magnifying makeup mirrors you first need to know what it is that makes them one of the best. It is smart idea to select various  makeup vanity mirror from Sanliv online magnifying makeup mirror stores. When shopping for a magnifying makeup mirror it’s a matter of features, such as sufficient lighting, magnification size as well as actual size that will classify it a quality makeup mirror.

best magnifying makeup mirror shop

Let’s start with the lighting first. The type of lighting used when applying makeup is of utmost importance. Lighting should be as natural as possible, so that when you go outside there is little to no difference in the finished look. Led florescent lighting is considered to be the most natural light for makeup application at this time, so you want this type of lighting if at all possible. The use of poor lighting when applying makeup is a big no no!

Next, check magnification size. The standard magnification size is 5X; however, what matters is the size that works best for you. When in doubt choose a magnifying mirror with more than one magnification size. Double sided magnification mirrors are becoming more popular all the time, since you can see even the slightest of imperfections in facial skin. They do cost more, but who cares about price when it comes to putting on makeup for wedding day or prom night pictures?

Then, there is actual size of the mirror. It’s a good idea to take a long hard look at the height and size of the frame in comparison to the actual mirror. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a large makeup mirror only to find out that the actual mirror size isn’t large at all. The larger the actual glass the better when it comes to makeup application. Also, check description closely to be sure that the mirror is distortion free.

modern magnifying makeup vanity mirror

Okay, so far we know that the best magnifying makeup mirrors should have led florescent lighting, meet personal size magnification requirement and the actual glass size is large and not just the frame making it appear large. When these 3 features are present you have a winner and anything more is a bonus.

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