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Choosing Best LED Lighted Cosmetic Mirror for your bathroom

Choosing Best LED Lighted Cosmetic Mirror for your bathroom

A lighted cosmetic mirror is uniquely designed for your make-up necessities. Unlike standard mirrors, you can easily see smudges from eyeliners and lipstick using this type of mirror. Of course, you have to be happy with your choice of mirror. This is an accessory you’ll need to create that diva from within.

Magnifying mirrors, also known as cosmetic mirrors or make up mirrors, are one of the most utilized items in a bathroom today. Contemporary magnifying mirrors come in many different forms and finishes, and understanding each type will help you pick one for you very own bathroom. So here is a quick summary on all the different types of luxury magnifying mirrors that are available in the market.

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The first choice one needs to make when picking their magnifying mirror is whether they want a lighted magnifying mirror or not. There are many different lights used for magnifying mirrors such as LED, fluorescent, or incandescent. LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, is the most expensive form of light in the market due to the lower energy consumption and longer lifetime. Fluorescent and incandescent lights utilize different light bulbs, however, these lights are similar in price range.

Lighted magnifying mirrors are single-sided and have two choices of magnification; 3x and 5x. On the other hand, magnifying mirrors that are not lighted are usually double-sided. “Double-sided” mirrors have one side with regular magnification, and another side with a magnification of 3x, 5x, or 7x.

Another option one must consider when selecting their mirror is whether they want it to be wall mounted, counter-standing or hand held. Wall mounted mirrors usually have extendible arms allowing the user to adjust it to their preference. Counter-standing and hand held magnifying mirrors are more popular choice due to the fact that they allow for more mobility.

High quality magnifying mirrors are usually made in brass and are plated with a finish. Popular finish choices include chrome, gold, satin nickel, polished nickel, and more. Often gold and satin nickel finishes tend to be a little more expensive than chrome finish.

Hopefully, you now have a broader knowledge of magnifying mirrors and are now ready to pick the right one for your bathroom. Take a look at the magnifying mirrors page on TheBathOutlet for a good selection of high quality magnifying mirrors. You can also view the bathroom accessories page for other accessories. You can also check out more magnifying mirrors here.

There are many different kinds of lighted makeup mirrors that are available to buy and they have many benefits for both men and women. Not only are they great for applying your make up but they are also useful when shaving and for generally getting the right lighting to view yourself in.

When you are applying your make up ready to go out for the evening, it can be hard when the lighting in the room you are in is not the best. This means that they think at first that all looks well until they arrive somewhere that is better lit than the place they first applied it. Rather than taking the whole make up bag out with them it is easier to use a lighted make up mirror to get the look you want rather than applying too much, too little or missing parts.

Things such as having an uneven tone of skin can show up when you do not have the proper lighting and this will mean that you are not able to use the relevant foundation, or you may find that you are using the wrong base for your make up altogether. This is something that can be avoided when a lighted make up mirror is used; this is how the film stars manage to get the look that so many women envy.

You can place the lighted make up mirrors anywhere in your home so that you are able to keep your make up application to your bedroom or bathroom. No matter the colouring you have on your walls you can find the right mirror to match. Make sure that you never have to have it pointed out to you that you have not correctly applied your make up properly again.

Even when you are not at home you can still benefit from the flawless application that a lighted mirror will allow you to have. There are sizes from extremely large that will sit perfectly on your dresser and allow you to view yourself at all angles as well as the ones that are so small you can fit them into your bag.

Even people who are on a budget will be able to find a lighted make up mirror to meet their needs as well as not having to leave themselves out of pocket as there are so many different ones available at different prices, and for those who find it hard to apply make up without having their glasses, the lighted mirrors that have magnification will enable you to do just that without your glasses getting in the way.

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