Lighted Magnifying Mirrors for Hotels and Private Bathrooms

A LED lighted magnifying makeup mirror is preferred for applying makeup, shaving or anything else that requires close magnification. Magnifying mirrors can have many uses in the bathroom. For instance, it can be used to apply make-up or to look at your face with great clarity while you wash it. There are many different types of magnifying mirrors. Lighted magnifying mirrors are useful if you need to clarity in dimmer places. The best technology for a lighted mirror is the LED mirror because the lamp lasts the longest and requires the least power. Fluorescent and incadescent are other examples of lighted magnifying mirrors. You can also choose to mount your mirror on the wall, much like hotel magnifying mirrors. If you are interested in moving your mirror around from one bathroom to another, or even around your countertop, you might want a countertop, free standing magnifying mirror. The rest depends on what magnification you would like to use – 3x, 5x, or 7x. Our magnifying mirrors are considered to be designer and made of the finest materials such as chromed brass. The lens’ will be of extremely high quality.

LED Lighted Magnifying Shaving Mirror for Hotel Bathroom Picture

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right lighted magnifying mirror for your personal needs. Before you buy a lighted mirror, do some research about what features are available, what settings will be appropriate for your needs and what not to buy.

Why do you need one? Here are some reasons:

  • Applying makeup. A magnifying mirror that is also lighted ensures that all the blemishes, warts, moles, small rashes, fine lines and tiniest details are revealed (eek!). This enables you to cover all the area and apply any special products that may be needed for extra coverage.
  • Tweezing. Facial hair, eyebrows and sometimes nasal and even ear hair all need attention. If you have difficulty seeing, or just plain want to make sure you do the job well, a lighted magnifying mirror will be of enormous help.
  • Home skin treatments. Beauty therapists use strong magnification when they are performing peels, dermo-abrasion, blackhead removals or even regular facials. They need the magnification to make sure they treat every area of the facial and neck skin.  If you are going to give yourself such treatments at home, you need this tool as well.
  • Shaving. Men have just the same problems making sure they have done a thorough job as women do with makeup.  A good magnifying shaving mirror facilities the task and helps you keep everything tidy.

A mirror is a mirror, right? Well, no. There are some specific features you should look for in your lighted make-up mirror: magnification, light source, size, and power source.

  • Magnifying power. You need to see very close up. Reject any mirror that offers less than 7x magnification power, as it really will not give you the magnification you need to get a good look at your skin. A 5x mirror will just do, especially if it has a bright light, but a 10x mirror is too strong for most people and can even start a fire if it is located where it reflects sunlight. Seven times magnification is just about right.
  • Type of light. Incandescent, fluorescent or LED? Incandescent lights almost always make your skin look a weird yellow/orange color. You want a nice white light that will show the natural color of your skin, so choose fluorescent or LED.
  • Brightness. Many customer reviews of lighted makeup mirrors is that the light is too dim. Look for a light that offers a good level of illumination.
  • Dimensions. Most tanel or wall-mounted mirrors provide dimensions that include the frame and the light panels, especially round mirrors with “halo” type light.  The mirror surface itself is likely to be quite a lot smaller than the size quoted. Just make sure you check the size of the actual mirror and not the entire light apparatus and frame.
  • Height. A mirror with a 15-18 inch “neck” will allow you to examine your skin without bending over too much.  There are also floor mirrors that have adjustable poles to allow you to place the mirror anywhere you want and at just the right height.  This will also suit families where there is a disparity in height between mirror users.  These models come in both mains-powered and cordless (battery) versions.
  • Power source. Some mirrors are hard-wired, meaning that they have no cords hanging down but must be installed by an electrician.  Others are wall-mounted but simply plug into the power socket.  Still others are cordless, usually powered by a couple of battery cells. Modern cordless LED lights are very economical on battery consumption. Also, bear in mind that some mirrors require the services of an electrician to replace light bulbs.
  • The video shows the value of blue-colored bulbs to create a more effective light environment for the application of makeup.

The fact is that many makeup mirrors on the market are either not bright enough, or do not provide the correct quality of light.

Incandescent lights are bright, but produce a harsh yellow tone, which results in the wrong color of foundation being selected and a coverage that is unnecessarily heavy, at least for daytime use.

Fluorescent lights deliver a whiter light, but that can be very harsh. Modern soft tone fluorescent bulbs are kinder.

LED lights are economical to run and cool to run as well, which can be important when makeup is involved.

And see what influence different color lighting has on makeup (this is aimed at stage makeup, but the effects are the same.

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