Coordinate Your Bathroom Accessories

Many of our bathroom accessories come in a series, so it’s easy to match all the different things you want to get a coordinated look. They come in lots of different styles too. From modern and metallic, to a softer, warmer feel - like our bathroom accessories made from solid birch or handmade woven baskets. And of course, if you're looking for anything more for your bathroom, take a look around at the bathroom storage and the rest of this department. You’ll find everything you need to make the … [Read more...]

Luxury Bathroom Fixtures for Hospitality Project Renovations and Upgrades

Guest bathroom is the central aspect of hospitality design, which evolving into more of a suite and spa-like environment to better enhance the guest experience. “In some cases, the spa can take up nearly half the room, and we're even seeing designers turn the room module sideways in order to put windows and daylight into the bathrooms,” says RTKL's Markham. Another spa-emulating technique is pulling the tub from the plans in order to put more bells and whistles into the shower experience. Or … [Read more...]

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories Design

Sanliv Oil Rubbed Bronze Bath Accessories products including: Oil-rubbed Bronze Towel Bar, Oil-rubbed Bronze Robe Hook, Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Plunger, Oil Rubbed Bronze Bath Accessories, Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Tissue Stand, Oil Rubbed Bronze Bowl Brush, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Tension Pole Shower Caddy at Bed Bath And Beyond. Buy cheap Oil-rubbed Bronze Bathroom Accessories online now! … [Read more...]

Bathroom Accessories: the perfect finishing touch

Bathroom accessories is the perfect finishing touch in your restroom or washroom. For most people who are redesigning their bathroom, they want to create a haven in their home - a calming, tranquil space that allows you to feel pampered. After all, this space should be one where you can easily get ready for the day ahead and wind-down in the evening. One part of your design that shouldn't be ignored is the bathroom accessories. These items may be small, but they make the room easier to … [Read more...]

Toilet Paper Holders for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Toilet paper holders give a clean, clear line when decorating the bathroom. Sanliv Toilet Paper Holder is a stylish, practical way to neatly store extra toilet paper rolls, letting you make the most of your bathroom decor. Why not make a design statement with your toilet paper dispenser? Toilet paper holders now come in a variety of different materials. It is a good idea to give this some thought, because once installed, the removal of a toilet tissue holder can cause unsightly marks … [Read more...]

Wall Mounted Soap Dish is a Practical Fixture

Decorative Wall Mounted Soap Dish is a Practical Fixture offers a place to present your favorite bar soap in an aesthetically pleasing manner. They are traditionally oval in shape and can be brass, chrome or glass. Soap dishes can be installed on the side of the bathtub, washbasin or wall mounted. Everyone likes to keep their hands clean and having easy access to soap and water is the simplest way to do this. Soap most commonly is sold in bars and to make this more readily available for … [Read more...]

Materials Used In Making Of Bath Accessory Ensembles

Today’s bath ensembles are created from a vast number of materials. To make the bathroom accessory beautiful, practical or both, various materials and their combinations can be used to make the bathroom ensembles sets. Common Materials Used In Making Of Bathroom Accessories Metal - strong and delicate at the same time, it gives the assurance to the bath accessory set that nothing is going to go wrong with it. You cannot easily break the bath accessory made of metal. It is a very strong … [Read more...]

Decoration Your Bathroom With Bathroom Accessory Set

There are several reasons to get a popular bathroom accessory set. The main and the most obvious one is to beautify your bathroom. You want this room to be your personal retreat: spacious, stylish, pleasing to the eye, practical, and dreamy. There are many ways to do that but by having the right bathroom accessory set you will be solving 50% of the bath décor issue. Your bath ensemble is the most used thing that you will have in the bathroom and thus the most noticed. The way to choose the right … [Read more...]

Benefits and Advantage of Retractable Clotheslines

Retractable clothesline has many benefits to it's users. A retractable clothesline presents many of the advantages of drying your clothes indoors or outdoors. Fresh clothes are another advantage of line-drying clothes. When they come out of the dryer, clothes are often static-filled and smell a little strange. We resort to using dryer sheets to negate this smell, but it still doesn’t seem quite “right” to machine-dry clothes. On the other hand, line-dried clothes will smell like nature and have … [Read more...]

Save Money for creating a modern bathroom Design

Design a modern bathroom don’t have to have an upscale price. But How to Design Your Bathroom and Save Your Money? In this article, we’ll give your bathroom a fresh new look without spending a lot of money. New bathrooms don’t have to cost big bucks if you choose your pieces wisely. If your fixtures are in good shape, creating a modern bathroom may be as simple as changing the color of your paint or updating the pattern of a tile backsplash. Bathroom color ideas. Among the most popular … [Read more...]