Brass Bathroom Safety Grab Bars and Tub Rails

Brass Bathroom Grab Bars & Tub Rails: Sanliv grab bars are designed to give the Bathroom Safety, and provide years of trouble-free service. These grab bars are simple to install and can prevent falling. Grab bars aren't just safety devices for hospitals and public restrooms. In your own home, a strategically placed and solidly anchored grab bar can mean the difference between a relaxing bath and a trip to the emergency room. In your bathtub or shower, grab bars provide extra … [Read more...]

How to Install Handicap Bathroom Rails or Grab Bars

Bathroom safety grab bars and Handicap Bathroom Handrails provide support and added safety in a bathroom. Installing handicap bathroom rails or Grab Bars is not only safety insurance for the aged and handicapped, but for anyone who climbs into a bathtub or shower. Standing on a porcelain finish made even more slippery by soap and shampoo can be a challenge for even the strongest and most healthy. Everyone needs something substantial to grab onto in a bathtub or shower when they become unstable … [Read more...]