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Toilet Tissue Roll Holders | New Toilet Tissue Roll Holders by Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer

Toilet Paper Holders for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Toilet paper holders give a clean, clear line when decorating the bathroom. Sanliv Toilet Paper Holder is a stylish, practical way to neatly store extra toilet paper rolls, letting you make the most of your bathroom decor. Why not make a design statement with your toilet paper dispenser? Toilet paper holders now come in a variety of different materials. It is a good idea to give this some thought, because once installed, the removal of a toilet tissue holder can cause unsightly marks … [Read more...]

Decor Your Bathroom with a Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

A chrome toilet roll holder is more than just an attachment or recessed in fixture to support the toilet paper within a hands grasp. They are to some the ideal way to finish off their bathroom in perfect style. While there is an enormous variety to choose from, a chrome toilet roll holder has great potential with respect to making your bathroom look stylish. The question is why. The most obvious reason is that being silver in colour it is neutral. Hence it will suit the colour scheme and … [Read more...]