Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you planning to remodel a bathroom with ceramic tile but are frightened about the cost? There is good reason to fret over the potential cost of a bathroom remodel. Tile renovations can cost many thousands of dollars, especially if you hire someone to do it. However, you can save well over two-thirds the contractor’s cost by doing the work yourself and by using some creative ideas.

Sometimes coming up with bathroom tile design ideas can be the hardest part of remodeling. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when pricing accent tile and often our budget dictates the limit to our creativity. Here are two ideas that will help save money without sacrificing creativity.

Mosaic Tile

First, utilize the mosaic. Mosaics, usually 12″x12″, are small squares held together with flexible glue. These can be cut apart in strips to use as bordering strips or accent squares. Finding an inexpensive coordinating mosaic to go with your main larger squares just takes a little time. Sometimes it involves shopping around and checking clearance items. A caution about clearance tile; make sure there is enough to complete your job before purchasing.

Example: Place a mosaic pattern on the floor of the shower and run a strip of the same mosaic at eye level or higher around the shower walls. This creates a focal point and is much nicer to look at than identical floor to ceiling squares. Also, run strips of mosaic outside of the shower either as edging along walls or at baseboard height. This ties the shower with the rest of the bathroom.

Diamond Tile

Second, Diamond tile is a regular 12″x12″ square turned on point. This creates 45 degree angles which are eye catching. Turning tile on point does require more cutting, but don’t let that deter you from it. Invest in a Diamond Tip Tile Saw. They can be purchased for under $100 and will help ensure straight lines.

Choose a focal point in your bathroom and place ‘diamond’ tile there. Some examples of focal points are:

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  • -Outer sides of whirlpool tub
  • -First wall visible when entering the bathroom
  • -One entire solid wall
  • -Longest side of bathtub wall
  • -Floor

A little known fact about placing diamond tile on walls or floors is it disguises out of square areas. Our eyes become drawn to the angles, not the run of the wall. Let that help in your decision of where to place your diamond tile.

By incorporating a small amount of diamond tiles and mosaic strips into your overall bathroom design, you succeed in jazzing up your bathroom without having to purchase expensive accent tile.

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