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Small Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas and Tips

Small Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas and Tips

Small bathroom remodeling ideas are not same as large ones. You can read all about the ideas and tips for a small bathroom remodeling designs here. You can even change up a small area with bathroom light fixtures.

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A lot of the older houses have pretty dated light fixtures in the bathroom. So you could change off the light fixtures and put something a little trendier and more modern in the room. It makes a huge difference. If you have wall paper, it seems to have gone out of style. There is a lot of dated wallpaper out there. Just take it off and texture the walls with paint. That makes a huge difference. Put some crown molding in the bathroom on the ceilings. You could do bigger base moldings on the floors. You can do taller base moldings. Or put in some nice ceramic tile or natural stone tile. You can add a new counter top. You can do under mounted sink or top mounted sink, which looks nice in a bathroom. Redo the cabinets and if you have an out of date shower, you could change up the surrounding area of the shower.

When remodeling a small bathroom, you have to be very careful about fitting all the amenities in there, such as your toilet, bathtub and/or shower and sink, in a design that is convenient to its users. Also, consider the amount of storage space that you need to fit all of your necessities into the room. Beyond that, you still have free reign over the esthetics.

The easiest way to decide on a bathroom’s décor, like other rooms, is to do research for inspiration. Walk through the bathroom aisle at your local home improvement or discount store. All you need to do is to find one item that you love to build the rest of your decorating around. This could be anything from bath towels to an accent tile design or even something as simple as a soap dish. There are plenty of matching sets available that have everything you need down to the hooks the shower curtain hangs from but there is no need to buy everything in one pattern either. You can mix and match two different styles that complement each other or create something new that is entirely your own.

You are not just confined to retail stores either. You can browse antique shops and online auction sites for plenty of unique items that you can find new uses for. If you purchase a heavy duty plastic liner, you can even pick out fabric to make your own shower curtain and matching valances, if your bathroom has a window. You can “dress up” simple shower hooks with your own embellishments such as stringed beads or prisms. Once you start looking for ideas, you tend to find them in the strangest places.

One last tip when doing a small bathroom remodel, especially for those of you with older homes: If you are doing this purely for yourself with have no intentions of selling in the near future and “kind of like” the old wallpaper- then keep it and build your design around that. Who knows? What’s considered “out” today may be thought of as “in” years from now. And then you will be the only one on your block with “original” wallpaper instead of an “antiqued” version.

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