How to Replace a Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser

When your wall-mounted soap dispenser breaks or its mounting wears out, you must buy a replacement soap dispenser. You may choose the type of soap dispenser based on the rest of your bathroom decor, or you may choose the soap dispenser likely to last the longest. Soap dispensers are usually installed the same way regardless of the material they are made of, although you will be using a drill for installation. The soap dispenser should be installed at an easy-to-reach level for you and your guests.

Instructions :

1) Hold the soap dispenser in place at the desired location on the wall, with help from a friend. Use a spirit level to keep the soap dispenser straightened, and mark the areas to be drilled with holes, using a marker or pencil. Set the soap dispenser aside. If you are replacing a previously mounted soap dispenser, remove the screws and nails with a screwdriver.

2) Drill holes into the marked points, using rawl plugs to keep the screws in place, if you choose not to use holes left behind from a previous wall-mounted soap dispenser.

3) Hold the soap dispenser in place again with a friend’s help while you put the screws into place and tighten them. Remember not to overtighten screws, as you may break the soap dispenser. Since you are replacing a previous soap dispenser, you may be able to use holes left from the previous soap dispenser instead of drilling new holes. If you don’t use holes from a previous soap dispenser, fill the holes with caulk. Allow the caulk to dry for at least a day.

Tips & Warnings

  • The area around the soap dispenser must be dry before you begin installation. Certain items, like caulk, may be affected by a wet environment.
  • Consider choosing a soap dispenser that matches the dimensions of your previous soap dispenser.
  • Beware of using metallic soap dispensers, which could rust because of the moisture in your bathroom.
  • Screws and nails should be included with the soap dispenser you purchase. If they are not, see the instruction manual for the sizes needed to mount your soap dispenser.
  • Always wear safety eye-wear whenever handling a drill, and use caution as you place your soap dispenser

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WARRANTY: All soap dispenser components go through an aggressive test, to make sure that it can withstand constant long term usage and carries a 3 months warranty from the date of purchase.

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