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Decor Your Bathroom with a Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

Decor Your Bathroom with a Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

A chrome toilet roll holder is more than just an attachment or recessed in fixture to support the toilet paper within a hands grasp. They are to some the ideal way to finish off their bathroom in perfect style. While there is an enormous variety to choose from, a chrome toilet roll holder has great potential with respect to making your bathroom look stylish. The question is why.

Chrome Toilet Roll Holder photo

The most obvious reason is that being silver in colour it is neutral. Hence it will suit the colour scheme and decor of virtually any traditional or contemporary themed bathroom. If the bathroom has already been built or if it is in the process of being finished or renovated coordinating colours is of no concern.

A chrome toilet roll holder is attractive as it is shiny when clean. This gives an impression of cleanliness throughout the bathroom as it uplifts the whole room. A clever trick when pressed for time. Cleaning it is simple, as it requires a quick wash with soapy water and a thorough rinse and wipe regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and hence more dramatic treatment.

Being made from metal the toilet roll holder is less susceptible to being broken. Ceramic holders can crack and smash causing sharp edges and broken pieces. This is a dangerous situation to have in any bathroom. Replacing recessed ceramic fixtures is also rather tricky.

Chrome toilet roll holders are available in many designs. Some attach to the wall directly while others are free standing. Those attached to the wall can either be a bar of metal with an exposed end which the toilet roll is slid onto or a piece of metal which is fixed at both ends. In this case, the bar must be taken out, slid into the roll and then reattached by placing one end in first and then the other. Some appear very conservative reflecting more traditional and ornate fixtures while many incorporate sleek straight lines for a more modern look.

The chrome toilet roll holder is a very functional and practical fixture in any bathroom. It is a compulsory item that can most certainly finish any bathroom off in perfect style.

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