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A remodeling project is only successful when you have all of the necessary items to accomplish it. Sanliv Bathroom Accessories and Plumbing Spare Parts are exactly doing for your expect. However, many homeowners take for granted the importance of making sure that they not only have the tools to install the necessary furniture and equipment but also the parts to make those work. At we have dedicated an entire section of our catalog to Bathroom Accessories and Spare Parts that will make your do-it-yourself project an attainable goal.

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Sometimes our favorite household items need an upgrade whether because of the long years of use or because these new additions will make them work better or just that they need to be replaced when they are defective. In fact, many home remodeling experts recommend that instead of replacing an entire bathroom sink, for example, you may just need to replace the faucet or the drain. This allows you to give many more years of use to your sink instead of spending large sums of money buying and installing a new one.

Or perhaps your new bathroom sink requires additional parts that didn’t come with your original purchase. If that is the case, ExpressDecor has an extensive collection of spare parts that will make your installation a dream come true. Whether you are looking for a pop up drain, a mounting ring or a p-trap, our experts have made it possible for you to find the right style, the right model and the right finish for your bathroom.

Some models of bathroom sinks require special parts such as the mounting rings that require glass vessel sinks. If you ever need a new one, come to ExpressDecor and order yours at an affordable price. We also have combos of pop up drains and matching mounting rings, to make sure that you get the style that your bathroom requires. The same we have done with the pop-up drain and p-trap combo, which offers you the opportunity to kill two birds with one shot while saving tons in your next purchase. Our in-house experts work very hard to make it possible for these combos to match in perfect harmony with each other, so that you don’t waste time searching for the perfect part.

If you are looking to offer great-quality water to your family, then install one of our durable water filters, also available at an affordable price in our accessories and spare parts catalog. These filters are guaranteed to make your water taste better and last longer that most water filter models currently available in the market. And, since they are made with quality-controlled materials, these are safe for daily use.

Don’t let a simple missing or worn-out part discourage you from upgrading your bathroom. Let ExpressDecor give you an expert opinion for your next remodeling project.

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