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DIY Tips for Installing Stylish New Ceramic Soap Dish Holder

DIY Tips for Installing Stylish New Ceramic Soap Dish Holder

Updating your bathroom can be as simple as installing stylish new bath fixtures. Soap dishes come in a variety of materials, but one of the most common is ceramic because it is hardy, easy to clean and durable. Soap dishes are generally not difficult to install in any shower or bath. Attach your ceramic soap dish to the tile in your bathroom in just a few steps.

How to Install a Ceramic Soap Dish Photo

How to Install a Ceramic Soap Dish

Installing a Soap Dish:

  1. Prepare the tile surface. Use sandpaper to file down the portion of the shower tile where you will be attaching your soap dish. Also sand down the back of your soap dish. Sand it just enough to make the surface rough to the touch. When you are sanding the tile, be careful that you only sand the area that will be covered by your soap dish. Trace the area with a pencil or colored chalk where the bath fixture will attach to the tile.
  2. Apply epoxy to the dish and tile. Usually, you will apply epoxy to both surfaces you will be joining. Be sure to read the directions for the epoxy you are using. Apply a thin layer on the tile and back of the ceramic soap dish. You won’t be attaching the soap dish yet. Allow the epoxy to dry a bit. Epoxy is at its most effective at attaching bath fixtures when it is just about dry. Check the epoxy directions for drying time and attach the soap dish just as it is about to dry.
  3. Attach the soap dish to the tile. Press the soap dish firmly to the tile and hold it there for 30 seconds. Use a damp rag to wipe away any extra epoxy that may have seeped out from under the soap dish.
  4. Use tape to secure the soap dish. Tape the soap dish to the tile to provide extra support while the epoxy fully dries. Use masking tape to avoid leaving a sticky residue.
  5. Remove the tape and apply caulking. After two days, remove the tape from the soap dish and use the caulk to seal the edges around the soap dish to the tile. Once dry, the ceramic dish will hold firmly, but don’t apply too much weight to it.

Wall Mounted Soap Dish Holder Installation Tip:

Make sure that your epoxy is specifically designated for kitchens and bathrooms, and make sure your working area is well ventilated to dissipate fumes.

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